These are personal animations created by myself or in collaboration with other artists!

I Had The Awesome Opportunity To Work With Blueline Media (Thisisblueline.Com) On A Series Of Pixel Animations For Indiana University To Help Punctuate Their Victories During The 2016/17 Football And Basketball Season!

All sprites, sprite animations, and background assets were created by myself using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

Final editing and sound design was done by Blueline Media.

For this video I had the opportunity to work with Blueline Media ( to help create a promotional video for Oliver Wine company to celebrate the launch of their new Honey Mead!

Animation and compositing from 0:00:05 - 0:00:23 was done by myself using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

All illustration and art assets were provided by Oliver Wine Company.

Additional footage, editing, and sound design was done by Blueline Media.

Another video series made in collaboration with Blueline media, as well as fellow artist Carolyn Arcabascio. This series highlights the achievements of IU athletes both past and present!

Character illustration/design, animation, and compositing was done by myself using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

Background design and illustration was done by Carolyn Arcabascio.

Final editing and sound design was done by Blueline Media.

I had the honor of helping out studio coat of arms with this fantastic video for TEDwomen

Filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon kindly asked us to collaborate on this TED Women video about time. In collaboration with Chicken & Egg Pictures and Lifetime TV, the project first aired at the TED Women Conference in Novemeber 2016. It was a pleasure working with Elaine and her team, creating illustrations and animations. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch this short meditation on our relationship with time. We hope it jump starts some thinking on the subject.

Client: Chicken & Egg Pictures, TED & Lifetime
Executive Producer: Jenni Wolfson
Series Producer: Julie Parker Benello
Producers: Yvonne Welbon & Wendy Ettinger
Production Coordinator: Sabine Fayoux
Directed, Edited, Produced by Elaine McMillion Sheldon
Cinematography by Elaine McMillion Sheldon and Kerrin Sheldon
Creative Graphics by Coat of Arms
Post Produced by Clara Lehmann and Jonathan Lacocque
Illustrations by Friedrich Detering and Sydni Gregg
Motion Design and Additional Illustration by Ricardo Nilsson
Sound Design by Billy Wirasnik

Music by COLLEEN
"Humming Fields"
"Ursa Major Find"
"Bubbles Which on the Water Swim"

Written by Cécile Schott (SACEM)
Used courtesy of Cécile Schott

Special Thanks:
Pat Mitchell for TEDWomen
Danielle Carrig for Lifetime