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My name is Sydni Gregg, and I am an Illustrator and Animator currently living in the Chicago area.

The simple joys of the world around me – like the smell of a rainy day, or the color of a perfectly golden croissant – as well as my amazing friends and family are what inspire me the most to be creative. It is my goal to share those simple joys with the world through my art, and hopefully manage to brighten even a single person’s day!

Some exciting news! My very first picture book written and illustrated by myself was picked up by Aladdin books! Seagull and Sea Dragon is a story about a little Seagull and Sea Dragon with two very different points of view coming together to ask each other questions, dispel their fears, and find out they have a lot to learn from one another! Keep a look out for it in Spring of 2019!

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